What’s Included:

Over the course of just 30 minutes, you will discover:


  • The real reason why static routing is no longer a viable option for your business if you want to grow, scale and reduce costs.

  • Why using a specific technology for routing optimization can help you reap incredible savings… both in time and money.

  • How to get your planners and carriers excited to start using route planning software, even if they’re resistant to change to begin with.

  • The simple solution to storing data in one central place, so that your planners can use historical data to plan the most efficient routes possible.

  • How we helped companies reduce its overall fleet size by 25% and its fuel costs by 10%, while maintaining the same order volume to their customers… and how you can do the same!

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    Why You Need to Know These 3 Key Logistics Secrets


    If you don’t register for the Masterclass today, you could miss out on the 3 key logistics secrets to saving time and money.


    These are the very same secrets which have helped world-renowned companies such as Nestlé, AirLiquide, Morrisons, Linde, and Auchan lower their costs and encounter far fewer planning problems. 


    By not knowing these secrets, you’ll likely remain stuck with static routing forever. And I’m sure it doesn’t need me to tell you how stressful static routing can be for…

    a) Yourself, as you constantly fight to keep costs down… 

    b) Your planners, as they have to plan new routes from scratch day-in, day-out…

    c) Your carriers, as they’re given inefficient routes…. 

    d) Your customers, when their deliveries are late…

    However, when you attend the “Route Optimization Secrets” Masterclass today, you’ll discover how to make a seamless transition from static to dynamic routing. You’ll then find it easier to lower costs, while also reducing stress levels for you and your team.

    3 Major Benefits You’ll Get From Attending

    A seamless transition to dynamic routing

    You’ll know exactly what you need to do in order to transition from static to dynamic routing. The best part is, when you do it like we suggest, any team members who may have initially been skeptical about such a change, will soon become raving fans.

    A simple cost-cutting solution
    You’ll be able to significantly reduce costs when you turn to a dynamic routing solution, thanks to the time and distance it can shave off carrier routes.

    Happy staff and customers

    Planners will be happy because they’ll save up to 95% of their time on planning per day. Carriers will be happy because you’ll be giving them the best plans with the most efficient routes. And customers will be happy because their deliveries will arrive on time.

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