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Finding something on a paper maps is a thing of the past. So is using spreadsheets to manage fleet routes and deliveries.

Handle all the planning, dispatch and logistics of your fleet from one tool. Get empowered with real-time tracking, insightful analytics and birds’ eye to fasttrack your business.

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Lower fleet maintenance cost

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Streamline Your Last Mile Route Delivery

Our routing tools, powered by advanced AI and dynamic rules engine, give logistics teams fine-tuned daily routes on demand.

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Simple drag and drop interaction, right in your browser

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‘Last Mile’ planning made simple

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Streamlined real-time monitoring

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Automatic geocoding and traffic forecasting

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Optimized Mobile App for Drivers

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Our coffee sales team in Spain and Portugal share the same field service mobile app intelligence for their daily operations. Selling, contracting and following routes efficiently.

Nestlé - Head of Business Unit

Routyn currently manages all aspects of transport in our supply-chain: from factory to distribution center (DC), among DCs and the final mile from DC to customer door. It manages the primary transport, the final mile and also the field service fleet for repairs and maintenance of our dispensing machines. Fully optimized.

Sumol + Compal - Head of Transport

Routyn allowed to deliver the same volume of products with 25% fewer vehicles covering 10% fewer miles. We put a lot of work into getting this system in place and it is fantastic to see it paying off environmentally, financially and now with a prestigious award [in the UK].

Snows Timber - Supply Chain and Logistics Manager

Routyn allowed us to automate the planning process with its rules engine and optimized solutions, saving fuel, truck loads and overall logistics time and efficiency

Jerónimo Martins - Head of Transport

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Our routing tools, powered by advanced AI and dynamic rules engine, give logistics teams fine-tuned daily routes on demand.
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